Supplier Vessel – Removing spud pole by underwater thermal cutting

An supplier vessel suffered severe damage to its spud pole due to grounding, and caused the unit unable to be withdrawn in its housing. Once we have received the call, our team travelled 1500km with specialized equipment to remove the damaged section underwater by thermal cutting. 5 Oceans offers various methods of underwater cutting techniques to meet any requirement.
A rigging plan was introduced to secure the damaged section to the vessel allowing safe removal by our divers using underwater thermal cutting. This specific thermal cutting process involves using high-temperature tools to melt and cut the steel structure with high precision allowing the damaged section to be removed underwater. Once the section was safely removed, the internal hydraulic system and locking ring have been disassembled allowing a new spud pole to be re-installed without the need of a drydock. The vessel continued its journey with minimum downtime which resulted in another happy customer.
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