Robotic Brushless HP Jetting Hull Cleaning Services

5 Oceans partner uses Robotic brushless hull cleaning services offer an innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for maintaining ship hulls in optimal condition. This technology uses advanced robots that clean the hull of a ship without the need for brushes, which can damage the protective coating of the hull and release harmful antifouling paint particles into the water. The advanced reclaim system and multi-step filtration method prevents the global spread of invasive species and poluting the aquatic environment. We can provide following services:
We can provide following services:
  • Hull Cleaning
  • Vertical Side Cleaning
  • Flat of Bottom Cleaning
  • Seachest Cleaning
  • Transducer Cleaning
  • Overboard Cleaning
  • Propeller Cleaning
How it works?
The robot first maps the hull’s surface identifying areas of fouling and avoiding obstacles like propellers or bilgekeels, whilst the unit is moving over the hull surface it is using the “soft” water jets to a calculated pressure depending on the extend of marine growth. The unit is now removing algae, barnacles, and other biofouling. This process is gentle on the hull’s protective coating and prevents the spread of invasive species by its extensive reclaim and filtration process.
What are the benefits to robotic brushless hull cleaning services?
Robotic systems can work around the clock, offering a faster and more thorough cleaning compared to manual methods. They cover every inch of the hull with precision, ensuring no area is missed. By avoiding brushes, the risk of releasing toxic antifouling paint particles into the marine environment is significantly reduced. This method supports marine biodiversity and complies with environmental regulations.
Maintaining a clean hull reduces fuel consumption by minimizing drag, leading to substantial savings in fuel costs. The efficiency of robotic cleaning also means lower labor costs and less downtime for the vessel.
Interested in learning more about how our partners robotic brushless hull cleaning services can benefit your fleet? We are providing interesting discounts if combined environmental services such as hull cleaning and propeller polishings are being performed. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let us help you keep your vessels in clean condition to reduce our environmental footprint on this planet.
What are Robotic Brushless Hull Cleaning Services?
Robotic brushless hull cleaning services uses robotic technology to perform underwater cleaning of ship hulls, without the need of divers. These robots are equipped with advanced sensors and navigation systems that allow them to adhere to and move across the hull’s surface, removing marine growth and biofouling without the need for physical brushes. This method significantly reduces the risk of damage to the hull’s coating and minimizes the environmental impact associated with traditional cleaning methods.
Why are hull cleanings needed?
Biofouling, which includes the accumulation of algae, barnacles, and other marine organisms on the hull over time, increases water resistance (drag) as the vessel moves through the water. This additional drag forces the vessel’s engines to work harder, consuming more fuel. Regular hull cleanings remove these organisms, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency.
Many maritime regulatory bodies such as Australia and New Zealand have strict guidelines on biofouling management to prevent the spread of invasive marine species across different marine environments. Ships may be required to have clean hulls before entering certain waters to avoid introducing non-native species that could disrupt local ecosystems.

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