MPI Inspection Services

5 Oceans is experienced in conducting underwater CCTV inspections in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Flushing, Antwerp, Ghent, Le havre and all other major ports on short notice to meet with MPI requirements for Australian and New Zealand authorities. Our team of skilled commercial divers provide a blend of traditional expertise and precision for professional assessments of maritime vessels. We can provide immediate, on-site evaluations, recommendations and extensive reporting to ensure a correct approach to help you meet the MPI requirements.
  • Hull Fouling Inspection
  • Vertical Side Inspection
  • Flat of Bottom Inspection
  • Niche Area Inspection
  • Seachest Inspection
  • Propeller Inspection
  • ICCP Inspection
  • Cathodic Protection Inspection
  • Ropeguard Inspection
  • Shaft Seal Inspection
  • Rudder Inspection
  • Stern Thruster Inspection
  • Bilge Keel Inspection
  • Scrubber Inspection
  • Bow Thruster Inspection
  • Transducer Inspection
  • Bulbous Bow Inspection
What are MPI requirements?
The CRMS is a requirement for all vessels arriving into New Zealand. It was introduced to manage the biosecurity risks associated with vessel biofouling. The standard aims to reduce vessel biofouling by requiring vessels to take preventative measures and maintain a clean hull before they arrive into New Zealand or Australia.
How do i meet the CRMS for vessel biofouling?
Compliance with the upcoming CRMS can be achieved in several ways, including:
  • Cleaning the vessel hull less than 30 days before arrival in New Zealand or within 24 hours of arrival using an MPI-approved provider (you must have proof of a cleaning facility being booked within 24 hours of arrival) –
Recommended for long-stay vessels.
  • Doing continual maintenance using best practice
Recommended for short-stay vessels.
  • Applying MPI-approved treatments to the hull.
Vessels that cannot meet the requirements using the methods outlined above may develop a Craft Risk Management Plan to be approved by MPI.
Interested in learning more about how our MPI inspection services can benefit your fleet? We are providing interesting discounts if combined environmental services such as hull cleaning and propeller polishings are being performed. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let us help you keep your vessels in clean condition to reduce our environmental footprint on this planet.

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