About us

5 Oceans Diving was founded out of interest in complex underwater repairs. With our in-house knowledge and extensive worldwide network, 5 Oceans Diving can provide our clients with globally operated fleets for (underwater) repairs and routine maintenance requirements.
We can offer:
Each and every day we deliver cost effective, efficient maintenance and repair solutions in afloat condition to prevent your vessel from dry-docking!


Jan Leunis
Co-owner and technical operations manager
Meet Jan Leunis, a seasoned project manager with a passion for the underwater repair industry. Since 2014, Jan has been at numerous complex projects and repairs on a variety of ships and offshore vessels. His career began as a diver himself. With each project, Jan has increased his technical expertise and knowledge for advanced repair techniques. His hands- on experience allows him to anticipate the challenges that come with working in this technical industry whilst ensuring that every repair is executed with precision and safety as top priorities. Now, as the technical operations manager and co-owner of 5 Oceans Diving, Jan continues to contribute so the company remains at the forefront of the underwater repair industry.
Yves van der AA
Co-owner and general manager
Yves van der aa, now co-owner of 5 Oceans Diving, brings his expertise and leadership skills to efficiency as the general manager. With a solid foundation in commercial diving and experience in the underwater ship repair, offshore, and salvage industry since 2009, Yves is committed to steering 5 Oceans Diving towards new innovations and meet with the highest standards of safety and performance. With Yves's leadership skills, 5 Oceans Diving continues to be a trusted partner for clients seeking solutions for their underwater maintenance and repair needs.