Underwater Shaft Seal Repairs

The replacement of shaft seals, especially with the use of habitats, is a process that allows essential maintenance and repairs to be conducted underwater, eliminating the need for dry docking and saving significant time and costs for vessel operators. 5 Oceans Diving invested in having a one of a kind habitat system with its unique installation method for performing underwater habitat repairs. The habitat is designed and reinforced in such a way that our system is safe to use on anchorage. We have all habitats in stock and ready for deployment to fit any shaft diameter.
We can provide:
  • Underwater Shaft Seal Replacement
  • Split Intermediate Ring Installation
  • Split Seal Housing Installation
  • Split Liner Installation
  • Seal System Allignment
  • Liner Clocking
  • Retro-fit complete Sealing System
  • Face-type Seal Replacement
  • Bearing Inspections

These services are crucial for maintaining the operational integrity of vessels, ensuring environmental compliance, and minimizing operational downtime. 

5 Oceans diving can provide shaft seal repairs in compliance with all seal manufacturers, and supply the needed spares and/or parts around the globe.

Why choose for Underwater Shaft Seal Repairs?
As your vessel can remain in operation, this is a highly cost-effective solution. Due to the experience, safety processes and habitat developments within 5 Oceans Diving, the risks of these operations are down to a minimum to ensure a time efficient and smooth shaft seal overhaul or repair.
Trimmed Vessel Repairs
Our technicians can also provide trimmed vessel repairs whilst vessel remains afloat in port or anchorage. This cost effective solution is available around the world within a limited time frame. We can provide the following trimmed vessel repairs (not limited to):
  • Shaft Seal Repairs or Replacement
  • Shaft Seal Retro-fit
  • Ropeguard Replacement
  • Propeller Repair
  • Propeller Blade Exchange
  • Rudder Repair
  • Thruster Repair
  • Thruster Replacement
  • Hull Insert
  • Hull Welding Repairs
  • Scrubber Repairs
Our certified technicians are also available to provide these services in drydock.
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Contact us today to schedule an consult about habitat seal overhaul, trimmed vessel or drydock works. Our team is ready to provide repair plans which will meet your requirements and save you time and money by reducing downtime.

Underwater repairs, maintenance and inspection for the international merchant fleet.