Underwater Propeller Repairs

At 5 Oceans Diving, we specialize in underwater propeller repairs, offering a wide range of solutions directly to your vessel to prevent a need for dry-dock. Understanding the critical role propellers have in the operational and environmental efficiency of your vessel, we can provide innovative repair solutions to any kind of unforseen propeller damages and collaborate with the propellers manufacturer to ensure class approval.
We are able to provide following underwater propeller repairs:
  • Propeller Hydrodynamic Profile Modifications
  • Anti-singing Edge Modifcations
  • Propeller Edge Repairs
  • Restoring Original Blade Edge Contours
  • Hydrodynamic Balancing
  • Removal of Damaged Blade Sections
  • Propeller Cropping
  • Propeller Cavitation Repair
  • Propeller Crack Repair
  • Crack Propagation Control
  • Propeller Blade Replacement
  • Propeller Damage Inspection
  • Propeller NDT Inspection
How does underwater propeller repairs work at 5 Oceans Diving?
Contact us with your repair needs and our team will provide a preliminary assessment and make arrangements for an onsite inspection. Our certified technicians will conduct a thorough underwater examnination of your propeller with underwater CCTV and photographic documentation to outline the extent of the damage. We will provide a comprehensive repair plan with the OEM and/or class society including timeline and costs. After approval we will execute the proposed repair solution and provide the highest standards of quality and safety. Once the repair has been completed, we will conduct thorough testing and/or seatrials to ensure the propeller meets its operational standards.
Underwater Propeller Straightening
We specialize in underwater propeller straightening, a critical service designed to restore the performance and efficiency of your vessels bended propeller without the need for dry docking. Our expert team of technicians combines the use of innovative technology with extensive propeller repair knowledge to repair your propeller as close to original as possible. Our equipment can be mobilized to any location, whether your vessel is berthed or on anchorage.
Why underwater “cold” straightening methods for your propeller?
Our underwater services ensure that your vessel can return to operational status faster than traditional dry-dock repairs, significantly reducing downtime. This cost effective in-situ solution is also avoiding the potential weakening of the propellers material as it is not being pre-heated, the propeller will maintaining its structural integrity.
Are there risks associated to the cold straightening method?
Major repairs never come without risks, due to the extensive knowledge and training of our personnel the risk of cracks devoloping is very small and can be repaired and tested by NDT methods. If a blade fractures during the straightening process, the blade(s) can be cropped with our in-house designed underwater propeller cropping tool and provide a hydrodynamic balanced propeller.
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Contact us today to schedule an consult about our underwater propeller repair methods. Our team is ready to extend the life of your propeller and save you time and money by reducing downtime.

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