Underwater Water Lubricated Bearing Repairs

The replacement of water lubricated bearings, especially with the use of habitats, is a process that allows essential maintenance and repairs to be conducted underwater, eliminating the need for dry docking and saving significant time and costs for vessel operators. 5 Oceans Diving invested in having a one of a kind habitat system that allows the replacement of water bearings. We have all habitats in stock and ready for deployment to fit any shaft diameter.

We can provide:
  • In-water water lubricated bearing replacement
  • Bearing clearance measurements
  • Bearing Inspections
  • Borescope inspection
  • Cooling system repairs or installation
These services are crucial for maintaining the operational integrity of vessels. 5 Oceans has done extensive research in the ability to perform such tasks underwater whilst vessel remains operational.
What are the benefits to water lubricated bearings?
The main benefits are no risk of pollution, better go-home-capability compared with traditional oil-lubricated bearings, reduced overall operational costs due to no oil changes, minimised bearing accelerated wear, one less bearing with lower friction losses, reduced engineroom space and increased of cargo space.
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Contact us today to schedule an consult about water bearing replacement, inspections or repairs. Our team is ready to provide repair plans which will meet your requirements and save you time and money by reducing downtime.
Underwater Borescope Inspections
5 Oceans invested in a wide range of underwater borescope systems to meet your requirements. Borescopes are used in areas which have limited accessibility. This new technology has the advantage no disassembling is needed to perform inspection works.
  • Bearing inspections
  • Scrubber inspections
  • Overboard inspections
  • Pipe inspections
Borescope inspection leads to efficiency gains and improved research results. The brightness of the LED on the camera can be adjusted to ensure best quality and a good clear image at close distances

Underwater repairs, maintenance and inspection for the international merchant fleet.