Hull Repairs and Hyperbaric Welding

5 Oceans provides a fast service for underwater permanent shell plating repair needs, worldwide. Using custom fabricated cofferdams and hyperbaric habitats, defective shell plating sections can be replaced underwater using dry welding procedures that qualify as permanent repairs by all top tier classification societies.
We can provide:
  • Dry permanent repairs of shell plating and appendages
  • Replacement of hull apertures
  • Wet repairs of shell plating and appendages
  • In-house designed habitat dry welding repairs
These services are crucial for maintaining the operational integrity of vessels and minimizing operational downtime.
What is hyperbaric welding?
Hyperbaric welding is the process of welding at elevated pressure. Hyperbaric welding is taking place dry inside a specially constructed positive pressure enclosure and hence a dry environment. This improved environmental control leads directly to improved process performance. 5 Oceans Diving has various hyperbaric welding solutions and experienced professionals available to fit your requirements
Underwater Welding Repairs
We can provide wet welding for temporary or permanent underwater repairs. Underwater welding is a reliable and cost effective repair solution. Our divers have extensive underwater welding experience and trainings to meet the highest requirements.
We can provide following underwater welding repair services:
  • Ropeguard repairs or replacement
  • Rudder repairs
  • Rudder isolation
  • Hull welding repairs
  • Bilge keel repairs
  • Doubler plate repairs
  • Anode replacement
  • Thruster grating replacement and securing
  • Seachest grating replacement and securing
  • Stainless steel belt repairs
  • Blade bolt keepers
What is underwater welding?
It is the process of welding in a submerged environment, typically in the ocean or freshwater bodies. The process involves using welding equipment and techniques that are specifically designed for underwater use. For this reason, the welder must have the proper training, certification, and experience to perform this type of work safely and efficiently.
Is underwater welding dangerous?
Underwater welding presents a unique set of challenges that the welder must address. These challenges include working in low visibility conditions, dealing with water currents, and ensuring the safety of both the welder and any nearby aquatic life. 5 Oceans divers are well trained and provides the best welding equipment to ensure safe underwater welding operations in any circumstance.
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