Port of Bremerhaven

5 Oceans Diving is your diving company for underwater works in the port of Bremerhaven. We are specialized in providing fast, innovative repair and maintenance solutions in this area. With our in-house knowledge and extensive network with all authorities and suppliers in Bremerhaven, we can provide our clients with globally operated fleets for (underwater) repairs and routine maintenance requirements in the port of Bremerhaven.
Our goal is to deliver unrivaled service 24/7 for all kinds of services to prevent your vessel from dry-docking. Whether it is scrubber repairs, Propeller repairs, habitat seal repairs, thruster exchanges, or permanent class-approved solutions, we have the capability to handle it.
Our team of highly qualified and skilled proffesionals are able to mobilize to the port of Bremerhaven within 4 hours from main office. This results in cost-effective operations and support 24/7 above and below the waterline.
The ports of Bremen/Bremerhaven are among the most important universal ports in Europe. No matter whether containers, cars, bulk and bulk goods, hazardous goods or project loading – the terminals at Bremen and Bremerhaven work with almost every type of cargo. In addition, the port group with the Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven offers one of the most modern and powerful passenger terminals for cruise ships. The distinctive division of labor between Bremen and Bremerhaven is the guarantee for success and as a characteristic feature of the twin ports.
We are able to provide our diving services at following locations:

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