Ropeguard Repairs

Ropeguards are crucial components of marine vessels that help reduce the risks of foreign items entering or damaging the shaft seal assembly. Over time, ropeguards may require repairs due to wear and tear, or damage due to impact. 5 Oceans Diving can provide any kind of ropeguard repair whilst your vessel remains in-water and operational.
We can provide:
  • Ropeguard installation
  • Ropeguard replacement
  • Ropeguard welding repair
  • Ropecutter installation or replacement
  • Inspection hole modifications
  • Anode installation
  • Ropeguard bolt replacement
  • Ropeguard retro-fit
  • Ropeguard allignment
These services are crucial for maintaining the operational integrity of vessels and minimizing operational downtime. 5 Oceans provides a fast service for underwater ropeguard repair needs, worldwide. Defective ropeguards can be repaired underwater, or be replaced. We can also provide the supply of a new ropeguard, or make modifications in our workshop.
Sealing of ropeguard, shafts or water bearings
5 Oceans can provide external and in-water sealing of ropeguards or water bearings to create a safe, double barrier for internal seal replacements. We have developed a sealing method which can fit any shaft diameter and cover ropeguards without the need of removing the ropeguard itself. This results in a time efficient and cost-effective solution to ensure safe overhauling of the inboard seal and avoid any water ingress.
  • Shaft seal sealing
  • Shaft sealing
  • Ropeguard sealing
  • Liner sealing
  • Shaft seal wrapping
  • Inboard seal overhaul
  • Water ingress protection
  • Double barrier installation
We can also provide any type of inboard seal overhaul. As we have experienced seal experts within our company, we are able to provide the complete package of shaft sealing and overhauling the inboard seal to ensure minimum downtime to your vessel.
What are ropeguards?
Rope guards are the protection shell for propeller shafts and their seal assembly, shielding them against foreign objects such as fishing nets, fishing line or ropes around the liner or shafts. Typically rope guards are installed by welding methods or a bolted assembly which are then secured by locking wire.
What are ropecutters?
The ropecutter is placed at the base of the propeller to protect it from engagement of ropes and nets during rotation. It can be a rotating type of blades that move along with the propeller or remains on the fixed part of the ropeguard to cut the objects entangled around the propeller and prevent further damages.
Why is ropeguard or shaft wrapping / sealing needed?
Some inboard seals have an inflatable seal to provide a single barrier to allow internal seal replacement and prevent water ingress. However, if this single barrier is failing, it can cause severe water ingress and worst case, flood a whole engine room. We have develop a safe external sealing barrier to ensure 2 or even 3 barriers, so a safe overhaul can be guaranteed internally.

Underwater repairs, maintenance and inspection for the international merchant fleet.