5 Oceans Diving’s Expertise in Underwater Ropeguard Services

During a routine inspection, we have discovered a missing ropeguard. Understanding the importance of protecting the seals assembly and shaft arrangement, we have fabricated a new ropeguard in our workshop and installed it on site, during vessels same port-call.
Job well done to the team and thanks for trusting our underwater services!
Ropeguards are crucial components of marine vessels that help reduce the risks of foreign items entering or damaging the shaft seal assembly. Over time, ropeguards may require repairs due to wear and tear, or damage due to impact. 5 Oceans Diving can provide any kind of ropeguard repair whilst your vessel remains in-water and operational.
We can provide:
  • Ropeguard installation
  • Ropeguard replacement
  • Ropeguard welding repair
  • Ropecutter installation or replacement
  • Inspection hole modifications
  • Anode installation
  • Ropeguard bolt replacement
  • Ropeguard retro-fit
  • Ropeguard allignment
These services are crucial for maintaining the operational integrity of vessels and minimizing operational downtime. 5 Oceans provides a fast service for underwater ropeguard repair needs, worldwide. Defective ropeguards can be repaired underwater, or be replaced. We can also provide the supply of a new ropeguard, or make modifications in our workshop.
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